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THERMOBAT project wins the 2022 Innovation Radar Prize uder “kickstarter” category

The THERMOBAT project is the winner for the 2022 Innovation radar Prize under the "Kickstarter" category for the development of a thermophotovoltaic battery that stores surplus renewable generation and produces combined heat and electricity on demand. MORE INFO

November 28, 2022|

Latent heat thermophotovoltaic battery for renewables storage

Developed by researchers in Spain, the battery uses renewable electricity to melt low-cost metals such as silicon or ferrosilicon alloys to produce and store latent heat, which is in turn used by a thermophovoltaic generator to produce power. According to its creators, the device may store electricity at a cost of €10 per kilowatt-hour for a 10MWh system. MORE INFO [...]

July 18, 2022|
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