Storing sunshine and wind to make cheap energy available at all times

The Thermobat project will develop the first latent heat thermophotovoltaic battery to store large amounts of renewable energy


Fossil fuel prices are soaring, while renewable energies are subject to nature’s whims. The world is heading towards an energy crisis.


Renewables have increased the periods during which more electricity is produced than demanded. Surplus energy is lost and we at Thermobat aim to recover and use it.

Our solution

We will bring to market a unique thermophotovoltaic battery, to store electricity as heat at a much lower cost than current technologies.


Discover our latent heat storage technology

We use surplus electricity to melt inexpensive metals and store energy

We aim to achieve zero-carbon heat and electricity, launching a low-cost and efficient solution that can store vast amounts of electricity for long periods. With our latent heat system, excess energy that would otherwise be lost can be recovered on demand.


The Thermobat team

Our consortium unites expert organisations from research and industry